We’ve long admired the work of Futureproof/ed, the Belgian design studio of sustainable designer extraordinaire, Serge de Gheldere. While Futureproof/ed has historically made products that go inside your space, now they have designed a whole space to furnish or fill as you see fit — it’s FutureShed!

FutureShed follows the studio’s thorough principles of sustainability (see their Eco-design strategy), utilizing FSC-certified, locally-sourced timber, free of toxic adhesives and sealants; a fully translucent roof for maximum daylight and natural midwinter heat; and self-bearing walls that require no extraneous framing or hardware.

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Like some of the other sheds we’ve showcased here, this garden habitat can be used as a children’s playhouse, a storage space, a workshop, or a backyard getaway. But we think this one, designed in collaboration with design engineering student, Mara Callaert, is exceptionally beautiful.

“We have aimed for a striking but serene form so that you won’t want to hide this shed in the back of your yard,” say the designers, “Also, the FutureShed is puzzle-engineered as to virtually eliminate sawing waste during production. Every little piece of cut wood is reused in the FutureShed.”

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Thanks, Serge!