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Safe, durable and comfortable housing should be a given right for all migrant workers, but often it is not. Endemic’s Farm House is a modest 800 sq ft home with a central living space surrounded by kitchen and dining area, storage, a bathroom and a sleeping area. Modular by design, these homes could aggregate to form grouped housing or could remain separate next to the field.

The geometry of the house is completely attributed to rainwater collection and is covered in watertight pouches or ‘canteens’ that store up to 34,000 gallons of water. This is enough water to irrigate 50 acres for nearly 1 month during the cultivation season. In the central plains and mid-western regions of the US, enough rain falls that the canteens might fill as many as 20 times in a year to full capacity. The home and the water storage is then connected into the farm’s irrigation system, whether it is for drip irrigation or for surface watering.

Endemic Architecture was recently awarded first prize for the Single Family/Modular category in the d3 Housing of Tomorrow 2011 competition.

Via Bustler