For centuries, man has tried to communicate with his canine companions through commands, gestures, and best guesses. Now a team of designers from the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery have developed No More Woof, a doggie headset that can read animal brainwaves and translate them into human speech!

Goggles, collars, and sweaters are yesterday’s pet accessories. No More Woof uses EEG sensors to monitor doggy brainwaves. After being placed on a pup’s head, the headset reads signals representative of mental states such as fatigue, hunger, and excitement. The information is then sent to a microcomputer where it is processed and translated into English through a speaker.

No More Woof is available in Micro, Standard, and Superior models which are capable of reading up to four distinct thought patterns. The project is currently being crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign, and can be fetched for a minimum donation of $65. The NSID team hopes to further develop their canine conversation converter to speak in other languages, facilitate two-way communication, control artificial limbs, and assist in training. While still only in development, No More Woof might be the first step towards a real heart-to-heart with your pooch. Or at the very least, it could let you know when your pup needs to go outside before peeing on the carpet.

+ No More Woof

+ Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery