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The bridge would connect the Dangi-li Power Plant site (which is in the works to be redeveloped into public cultural space) in the north to the National Assembly Building in the south, while creating its own mini city along the way. Inspired by the water strider, the bridge’s overall shape is organic, fluid and streamlined. Horizontal and vertical gardens would be introduced on each floor and would be watered using river and rainwater. In addition to collecting solar energy via PV panels, the skin of the bridge can be used as a canvas to showcase video installations and other media.

While the bridge can be traversed by car, it is also meant to encourage people to use cleaner forms of transportation. Programs such as a public museum, a library and an IT complex mall showcasing the foremost IT technology (a little odd, but cool nonetheless) along the bridge are all great reasons for people to ditch their cars and walk or bike across instead.

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