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The coffin-sized rooms are not a novelty in Japan. Capsule hotels have been there since the 70s but have gotten a bad rap as the last resort of drunken workers that missed the last train home. Nike Hours hotel is completely different-it’s sleek design, monochrome décor, and the fact that it’s located near the city’s traditional geisha Gion district, it is proving to be a perfect choice for tourists looking to a clean, stylish place to spend the night.

The seven-story hotel has separate floors and elevators for men and women, offers immaculately designed sleeping clothes and accessories. A special built-in Panasonic system relaxes guests into sleep and wakes them up at a set time by changing the light. The nine hour stay limit speaks more of the minimalist concept of the place, as guests can actually stay up to 17 hours-soon it will be 24 hours according to the hotel’s website- which costs $49. The hotel closed in October but is scheduled to reopen this month.

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