Torino-based design studio Wafai Architecture has unveiled an incredible home design that is inspired by the organic shape of a simple seashell. With its tubular volume and light-inviting cutouts, the design for the Scandinavian Seashell Home was not only inspired by nature, but also counts on several sustainable features, such as reclaimed wood cladding, to reduce its environmental impact.

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small round home clad in black and white wood pieces

The prolific studio’s founder, Abdul Sater Wafai, has become well-known for his spectacular house concepts that manage to combine the best of avant-garde design with sustainability. His concepts typically focus on organic and whimsical forms as well as an abundance of natural light. In fact, according to the architect, his preferred method of creating sustainable structures is to incorporate several passive features in lieu of high-priced bells and whistles.

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oval structure with large round window

“Sustainability is great when achieved passively by design (passive cooling, natural light as needed, etc.) and not by an unaffordable technology,” Wafai explained to Design Wanted in a recent interview.

large round window looking into interior living space

This new concept, the Scandinavian Seashell House, is a tubular volume with various cutouts that let natural light stream into the interior. The elongated structure would be made out of glulam timber frames in order to create the curvaceous shape. The exterior would be clad in reclaimed wood salvaged from various resources. Cut in rounded pieces, the wood is in varying shades of gray, black and white for a patterned appearance that resembles fish scales.

futuristic living space with white dining table and red chairs

The curves continue throughout the interior, which is divided into three main spaces, all with minimalist appearances. The heart of the home contains the living room, kitchen and dining areas, all illuminated by a massive, circular window. Along with the abundance of natural light, these spaces and the bedrooms benefit from open cutouts on the ceiling that let outdoor hanging plants fall into the living areas, a unique feature that seamlessly connects the house with its surroundings.

white curvaceous patio with pool

Walking into a central courtyard through large sliding glass doors, future residents will be able to enjoy a private outdoor space. The patio contains a circular swimming pool as well as an outdoor dining and entertaining area.

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tubular home with round window at one end