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Living under the ocean’s waves may seem like a fantastical concept, but Pauley has designed Sub-Biosphere 2 as a realistic housing option for the near future. The network is made up of a Central Support Biome surrounded by eight spherical Living Biomes. The Central Support Biome controls and monitors life systems within the complex, including fresh air, water, food and electricity as well as atmospheric pressure control. Inside, the system will have a seed bank for growing hydroponic crops to feed the 100 inhabitants.

The Central pod would rise forty stories above water while an additional twenty will be submerged beneath the sea. The surrounding individual pods would be split with ten stories above water and ten beneath the surface to create a 1,105 foot wide complex anchored to the sea floor.

Whether Pauley’s underwater world will see the light of day remains to be seen, but in the meantime the design consultant is seeking a publisher for a trilogy of self-penned science fiction books that appropriately take place in a civilization that lives under the sea.

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Via Daily Mail