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Gabriel Dawe, Plexus, thread, textiles, embroidery, art, gender roles, masculinity, Mexico,

Dawe has created dozens of these site-specific installations all over the world, including London, Denmark, Texas and Louisiana. Born in Mexico City, Dawe worked as a graphic designer before moving to Montreal. He soon moved away from the somewhat restrained world of graphic design and started to experiment with free-form art, eventually discovering textiles and embroidery.

Weaving, sewing, and embroidery are all hand crafts reserved for women in Dawe’s culture, so he sees his textile-based sculptures as an almost rebellious exploration of masculinity, machismo, and gender norms. Although these installations are simple, and consist only of taut threads, it’s amazing how animated they are — just like the light they mimic.

If you’re in or around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, any time soon, you can stop by and see Dawe’s work in person at Lousiana State University Museum of Art where it will be on display until April 2013.

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