With the growing need for more dense sustainable housing, we can only hope that more developers will take a cue from Phoenix-based Modus Development and their latest residences, The Galleries at Turney. Thanks to some thoughtful insight from Modus president, Ed Gorman, what once contained two old homes on overgrown lots now contain eight free-standing residences with enough luxury and privacy to make you feel as though you’re coming home to the spa every evening. The Galleries at Turney prove again that green building is every bit as aesthetically pleasing as other award-winning designs, having captured two AIA Awards for Design and Sustainability while being given the honor of receiving Arizona’s 1st LEED-H certification.

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Each of the residences at The Galleries at Turney are close to 2,000 square feet, containing two bedrooms, a lounge, a den/office/bedroom option, flex space, two-and-one-half bathrooms, and a two-car garage. Bringing together a creative team was easy with sustainability concerns on the rise, but Gorman made sure each member was dedicated to green building on infill urban lots. In the case of The Galleries at Turney, a partnership was formed with architect [merz]project and NYLOFT, a company known for its ergonomic and environmentally sensitive furniture system. Continuing its infill green development, Modus plans to develop at least 50 more units over the coming year, a number they hope to double the following year. All of their projects are set to achieve LEED certification.

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