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The original Chungha building was built in the 1980’s and it became outdated over time as as modern buildings sprang up all along Apgujung Road. The rounded façade held a mishmash of signs and fonts, giving it a messy look amongst the more sophisticated architecture surrounding it.

In order to modernize the building,MVRDV decided to open up the space, adding a myriad of glass windows at different levels of the building. The large windows now serve as advertising spaces instead of the mixed font signs that crowded the façade before. Glowing LED lights change colors continuously at night, drawing visitors to the building and making it a landmark on the street.

An additional floor was added, which includes a rooftop café and outside terrace that add outdoor space to the shopping district. The modern renovation revitalized the building’s look and use while preserving the building’s existing structure. Impressively, MVRDV finished the renovations in just nine months.