If you’re craving a little bit of greenery but are short on gardening skills, these neat garden growing postcards from Postcarden might be just the thing. Spotted at The AppLounge during the London Design Festival, they’re a great way to bring a spot of nature into your own home (or a friend’s).

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As you can see from the picture, there’s a 3D cardboard scene for you to pop out, and cress seeds sprout from a tray below. The instructions for growing your crop are encouragingly straightforward – simply wet the pad in the tray slightly and sprinkle on the packet of seeds provided. Place the whole lot in a warm bright spot, keep moist, and let time do the rest. The cress will start growing within a few days and the whole thing should stay green for around two weeks – if it goes for longer the company recommend you get in touch to see if you can contend for the longest-living ‘carden’!

The cress – as you would expect – is edible and nutritious, while the postcarden itself is made from paperboard from FSC-accredited mills and forests (so it’s recyclable or compostable) and a (widely recyclable) PET plastic inner tray. Each garden is priced at £7.50 making them lovely, well-crafted and inexpensive gift.

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Photos by Philippa Warr for Inhabitat