backyard studio,, sustainable office, cedar, timber, outdoor office, garden studio, prefab office, green work spaces, green design, eco design, sustainable design creates tiny prefab spaces for work, play, and even housing. Dedicated to responsible manufacturing, they construct their garden buildings not only with the greenest of materials, but also with an architectural plan that maximizes the tiny spaces’ sustainable aspects. Each space is made almost entirely of sustainably-harvested timber, and works closely with PEFC and FSC certification schemes to only use timber from accredited, sustainable logging forests.

Much of the garden studio cladding is made of red cedar, which is full of natural oils that help preserve and protect the wood when exposed to water without any outside chemicals or treatments. Much more eco-friendly than aluminum or PVC, red cedar has a lifespan of nearly 60 years.

Timber aside, the garden studios are green from top to bottom. Each roof is covered in a sedum blanket, allowing for a thin layer of plants to grow. The sedum is very low in material use and maintenance and of course, beautiful to look at. The special concrete plinths that serve as the foundation for the prefab studio are made with 95% less concrete than typical slab. This not only cuts down on manufacturing energy, but affects the ground much less when in place. The interiors are also stock full of birch ply walls, LED lights, foil insulation and double glazed windows to increase natural daylight and preserve heat.

Each space is custom made by before being shipped and installed in the customer’s yard. The studio is guaranteed for 5 years with the roof being covered for 20 years.


Via Jetsongreen