If you read inhabitat frequently, you may have noticed that we have a little thing for furnishings that grow grass.

That’s why we were so excited to discover Gau Design’s Zen Garden Sink. This is brilliant: You wash your hands, and the runoff water trickles down a groove in your basin and waters a little plant sitting next to you in the polished concrete basin. All the slopes and details are planned to facilitate water drainage. In case you are following my train of thought here: don’t worry – the sink is designed so you won’t get your plants all soapy. There is a main drain at the bottom of the basin for soapy grime. Your little plant friend just gets whatever you choose to dole out.

The design is simple, beautiful, and takes advantage of an obviously wasted resource in our homes. With all the water coming out of our faucets, why don’t we all have sink gardens?

+ www.gaudesigns.com