With the recent rise in popularity of electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad, thoughts of “book extinction” have really seeped their way into design conversations. Italy-based Gartenkulter pays tribute to the tree with these beautiful planters made from old and disused books. By removing the heart of the book’s cover and pages and then creating a seal, the book becomes a home for a living and growing tree. “As each seed becomes a plant or tree, the book becomes a pot or cradle.”  

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Although e-readers may offer environmental benefits over printed paper pulp, it’s undeniable that the thought of a world without “real” books creates an unpleasant emptiness in many hearts. There is just something wonderful about those bounded pages of paper inked in black and white print that decorate our shelves.  Books own a historical place of comfort that may feel irreplaceable.  Recent design has touched upon the feelings of the importance of the written book, and Gartenkulter’s book pots are a beautiful example of this.

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