As summer comes to a close, so does our weekly series on green building. Hopefully we have expanded your knowledge of applying sustainable concepts in your own home, whether it’s a studio rental in the city or a straw-bale abode in the country. Loosely based on USGBC’s pilot program LEED for Homes, the series has covered subjects ranging from community planning and transportation, to light bulbs and leaky faucets. If you’re arriving for the first time, or you want to review the series, here are the installments in order of appearance…

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You can also find the complete series any time by clicking the GB101 graphic on our frontpage:

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If nothing else, we hope that you have taken from this series the notion that what you do at home does matter, and there are numerous accessible, affordable ways to make some changes that improve your own life, as well as benefiting your community and the environment. Here at Inhabitat, we believe that green living beings with a few smart choices.

Thanks to all of the readers, commenters, and participants who contributed in making this series a community discussion. We’d love to hear your suggestions for another weekly column. We have learned a lot these last few weeks just researching the series and receiving your wonderful feedback. So keep it coming: what would you like to read more about? What kind of series would you like to see next?

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