We recently reported about GE‘s new slim and easy to use electric vehicle charging station called the WattStation and now they’ve upped the ante even more by teaming up with Better Place to push for uniform charging station infrastructure on a global level. The two companies plan to push for EV adoption on an industrial, commercial and consumer level providing battery funding in Israel and Denmark, a nudge for EV adoption in corporate fleets and seamless worldwide EV charging stations that won’t limit electric car drivers.

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GE values the power of collaboration and this partnership with Better Place is about large and small companies aggregating their strengths to advance electric vehicle infrastructure deployment,” noted Beth Comstock, GE senior vice president and chief marketing officer during the partnership announcement. Better Place is a company committed to sustainable transportation solutions connected to a global supply of electric vehicle networks and services. In the Better Place model, ownership of an EV and the EV battery are separate, avoiding the high initial cost of buying the EV battery — which is by far the most expensive part of the car.

As part of the partnership GE will integrate their WattStation with the Better Place charging network helping to fulfill Better Place’s dream of a seamless roaming network of EV charging stations worldwide. The two companies will help finance the 10,000 batteries in Israel and Denmark — Better Place’s first two markets — thereby bringing at least 10,000 electrified cars to the streets initially. As the last parts of their plan they’ll help business owners test out EV’s for electrification of corporate fleets and raise consumer awareness of the economic and environmental value of EV adoption through their ecomagination initiative. All in all, sounds like a partnership fit for the electric age.

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