GE Energy just announced that it is teaming up with PayPal to make electric vehicle charging even easier for EV drivers. The new agreement coincides with the launch of GE Energy’s WattStation and WattStation Connect charging platform. The agreement between GE Energy and PayPal enables drivers to securely and conveniently pay for charging fees through the WattStation Connect mobile app and PayPal. With the app users can locate the nearest WattStation EV charger, check the status of the charger, get pricing details and pay with PayPal.

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Using the mobile app, EV drivers can scan the quick response (QR) code on the WattStation charger that identifies the WattStation and its pricing structure. Drivers can then simply pay for the charge via PayPal. “Our full line of EV charging solutions is designed with the end user top of mind,” said Michael Mahan, product general manager, EV infrastructure for GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business. “This collaborative agreement with PayPal enables us to offer EV drivers a convenient way to charge their vehicles, which is essential to nurturing the mass adoption of EVs in the future.”

“Simplicity and convenience are key to mass adoption of any new technology, something we know well at PayPal,” said Scott Dunlap, vice president of emerging opportunities at PayPal. “Together with GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business, we’ve made recharging your electric vehicle easier than filling a gas tank. We are pleased to be a part of this important initiative.”

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