Is this the beginning of the end for CFL bulbs? As LED technology advances and drops in price, the best pick for an inexpensive and energy efficient light bulb is no longer the compact fluorescent bulb. General Electric is following the trend of consumers opting for LED bulbs and has decided to phase out CFL bulbs completely by the end of the year.

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As LED lights have improved in both quality and cost, the market has seen an increase in their availability and popularity among consumers. According to The New York Times, General Electric announced its plans this week in a statement by John Strainic, GE Lighting chief operating officer of consumer and conventional lighting. He explained, “Now is the right time to transition from CFL to LED. There are so many choices that a consumer has for one socket in their home that it’s overwhelming. This will help simplify that.”

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Some big box retailers have already reduced how many CFL bulbs they carry, including Sam’s Club and Walmart. IKEA has removed all of them from its inventory and just recently began carrying LED bulbs. CFL bulb manufacturers will also have a much harder time meeting revised Energy Star requirements for next year, creating another financially sound reason to start producing more LEDs. For now, GE is ahead of the game when compared to overseas, Mexico, and some Latin America countries, where CFLs are still relevant.

Via The New York Times

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