Scientists at GE Global Research lab are getting into the holiday spirit with a slew of fun Christmas-themed experiments – from designing a state of the art sleigh for Santa to creating a brand new toy-lab for the North Pole, they have found a number of  fun new uses for some of the world’s most innovative technology. Their latest project doesn’t require a lab coat however, as the scientists have taken 3-D printing to a new level by creating 3D-printed Christmas tree ornaments!

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The super versatile technology is perfect for the holidays as it  allows anyone to draw whatever seasonal shape they like and have it printed and ready for tree trimming in no time. Printing ornaments at home can not only be a brand new family activity, but also allows even the clumsiest members to be involved, simply reprinting any bulb that breaks. The DIY process additionally reduces the cost and hassle of finding ornaments at a local store, leaving more time for the most important holiday shopping.

Additive or 3-D printing is the practice of gradually building up material from a net-shaped product designed on a computer program such as CAD. We have seen this technology create everything from food to seashells to even bones in hospitals.

Via GE Global Research

images via GE Global Research Facebook