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Roomba LED Light Art, Roomba, led lights, eco art, robot art, light painting, robot vacuum
Image ©mike bala

The Roomba has quite the following and it’s not just because it cleans your house without having to pull out the vacuum. Roombas are completely hackable serving as open source robots that can be turned into pacmen, be controlled by your cell phone, or even be turned into musical instruments. Then there’s a whole other group of people that is using the robot to create eco-art with LEDs.

Creative users are attaching LED lights to the top of these robots and taking long exposure photographs of the vacuums in action in dark rooms. The resulting pictures are a trace of the robots’ activity and often come in wild, psychedelic colors. Some users are going to such extremes as to program light color changes or specific robot movements to create their patterns, while others like the IBRoomba group set up obstacles in the middle of rooms to create blank spots, like the initials “IBR”. We’re totally entranced though – LED lights become the power player in this robotic dance that also leaves these rooms spotless.

Via Designboom

Images by reconscious, mikebala, IBRoomba, 3rdeyepro, zim2411, paulchavady, and bartlec