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If constructed, NAMOC will be one of the world’s largest art museums with enough room to circulate 38,400 visitors a day and 12 million a year. Gehry mitigates any potential mayhem with four entryways and four escalators that link all five floors, while extensive daylighting not only creates a comfortable interior environment, but also reduces the project’s electric load.

Rooftop photovoltaics provide 100 percent of the energy required to illuminate the museum and a geothermal system will evacuate heat, reducing the need for artificial cooling. But the façade is the most exciting element of this design. Clad in a translucent material designed specifically for the project by Gehry Partners, the glass stone creates a sense of movement that pays credence to Chinese art and architecture. Plus it breathes, creating natural ventilation, and accommodates banner displays that allow the project to remain fresh for years to come.

Combined with gardens on the east and west side of NAMOC, the verdant rooftop gallery adds a further green aesthetic to the project while providing views of the surrounding Olympic Park and beyond.

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