On a hot summer day there’s nothing on quite on par with the instant relief of an air conditioner, but many of us aren’t aware of its adverse health effects. Not only do A/C units use colossal amounts of energy, but their excessive use are known to cause headaches, stiff neck, back aches and respiratory problems. And while fans may circulate the air and provide temporary refreshment, sometimes they’re just not enough. But a new solution is on the horizon — meet Geizeer, a personal ice cooling cube that consumes less then 1 cent of energy per day. The crowdfunding campaign from idea3Di delivers instant cooling with a refrigerant mixture, a DC brushless fan, and an ice pack encased in two insulating wood or metal shells. This sleek device releases efficient amounts of cool air, powered by a rechargeable battery and PCBs with a micro usb. Rest assured, you can survive the hottest days of the month without the risk of a “hot bill.”

+ Geizer on Kickstarter

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