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In many schools enrollment can bump up quickly with little warning, so when Bolsa Knolls found out their student body increased they went to Gen7 for a solution. Construction started on the modular classrooms on June 1st in the AMS factory in Manteca, CA, and the units were delivered on July 15th, installed by July 20th, and ready for class to start on August 11th. In less than a month and a half, the school had six new classrooms, which are far more energy-efficient and healthier than the buildings surrounding them.

Gen7 Modular Classrooms are designed for energy efficiency and feature well–insulated building envelopes, cool roofs, lots of natural light, and efficient mechanical systems. This helps the buildings exceed California Energy Code by more than 30%. Indoor air quality is maintained with an ultra-quiet Thermal Displacement Ventilation system that monitors carbon dioxide levels as well as low- and no- VOC materials. Acoustics were designed to absorb echos, and natural daylighting provides a better learning environment. Additionally, the classrooms are set up with awnings designed to accept a solar system when the school district has enough money.

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