The folks at General Electric have recently put together a series of informative, compelling, and visually stunning videos as part of their Ecomagination “commitment.” Here’s a video about their Evolution Series Locomotive, a lean mean high-performing machine which truly “defies the perception that greater efficiency means less power,” using 189,000 fewer gallons of fuel in its lifetime than its predecessors….

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And this is just one of the many ground-breaking Ecomagination initiatives. We think this is a great example of a company using their resources to combine both increased productivity and environmental-sensitivity, proving that green is not just good for the planet, but good for business.

GE is trying to prove (and we hope they are successful) that a corporate commitment to greener products, systems, and technologies is not only environmentally responsible, but financially beneficial as well. GE’s Ecomagination products are a central part of their wider corporate sustainability initiatives, which are realized through their four commitments: Double Investments in Clean R&D, Increase Revenues from Ecomagination Products, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Keep the public informed. Their Ecomagination homepage says it all: “Welcome to our vision of a healthier world.”

“Ecomagination puts into practice GE’s belief that financial and environmental performance can work together to drive company growth, while taking on some of the world’s biggest challenges. Learn about the GE commitment to products and services that are as economically advantageous as they are ecologically sound.”

One other product we love is the Ecomagination photovoltaic solar panel, shown in this video in its applications to the wine industry. Other Ecomagination products include everything from an aircraft engine to CFL’s and wind turbines. See the full line of products on the Ecomagination site, and all the videos via YouTube. + General Electric Ecomagination