Vehicles powered by Natural gas represent a clean alternative to electric cars since they produce less emissions than traditional gasoline-powered cars. But up until now Honda has been the only automaker to offer a vehicle that runs on this energy source. General Motors is joining the ranks, however, with a new version of the 2015 Chevrolet Impala that can run on both gasoline and natural gas.

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According to General Motors, the bi-fuel Impala uses affordable technology to reduce oil consumption and save consumers money at the pump. Natural gas is a cleaner-burning transportation fuel than petroleum products and it costs significantly less than gasoline at current prices. CNG vehicles typically have 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-powered cars, according to the California Air Resources Board.

Unlike the Honda Civic Natural Gas, which can only run on natural gas, the bi-fuel Impala has the ability to switch between natural gas and regular gasoline, which addresses range anxiety issues associated with vehicles that run only on natural gas. The bi-fuel Impala is expected to have a total driving range of up to 500 miles and the new 2015 model will hit the streets as soon as next summer.

+ General Motors