The designers at New York City based Fluxxlabstudio have come up with an ingenious sustainable energy harvesting idea that makes you wonder why no one else has thought of it before. Their Revolution Door manages to capture otherwise wasted human energy from the revolving doors we all see at various large buildings. If you think about it, this concept is quite similar to a turbine spinning somewhere deep inside a hydroelectric dam or within wind turbine to generate renewable electricity.

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The Revolution Door technology can be used with any new or existing revolving doors. At its core, it contains three parts – a redesigned central core replacing that of any existing or new revolving door, a mechanical/electrical system that harnesses human energy and redistributes electricity to an output, and an output device that maps the harnessed energy. The revolving doors in large office buildings are always in use at any given moment during the day and by capturing that kinetic energy this project can provide free electricity to the installation site.

We were fortunate enough to have met these ingenious designers through the Greener Gadgets conference, through the New York art and technology center Eyebeam. Fluxxlab has received funding from the Eyebeamart and technology center as well as support from New York University sustainability fund. The design studio will soon showcase a working full scale prototype at the Eyebeam exhibition in March. It will be very interesting to see if architects will start incorporating this brilliant renewable energy generator into future sustainable building designs. + Revolution Revolving Energy Door – by Fluxxlab