We often ignore water fountains, passing them up for sweet bottled beverages packed into vending machines. So to give an old design some much needed love and attention, Poletic Studio has created the Tropism Well, a public drinking fountain that gently fills your glass or bottle with life giving H2O. Watch a video of it in action after the jump!

The Tropism well is a quirky installation that recalls Dadist sculptures, and harks back to the drinking bird toy with its whimsical form, bowing motions, and of course, water. By giving the traditional water fountain an unlikely shape, the installation not only draws in visitors, but forces them to consider the act of taking water and how water is distributed in public spaces. It is no longer something to be taken advantage of, but to be seen as a special act or gift.

The fountain operates on simple physics, gently lowering as you approach it and pouring out water. “Once it has seen you, the gently bowing motion is created simply by moving water up and down the stem,” explain the designers.

Tropism Well will be featured in future festivals and events, and Poietic Studio is working to install them permanently in select public spaces.

Via Architizer