Royal College of Art graduate student Nir Seigel recently unveiled plans for a 3D printed concept car that actually assembles itself! Seigel’s Genesis vehicle explores next generation manufacturing techniques for the auto industry, and it was awarded the Pilkington Design Award for best design interpretation.

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Bringing 3D printing to the auto manufacturing industry could allow consumers to create more customized products. According to the brief from the Royal College of Art, the goal of this concept is to “evolve products and services, based on customer needs, avoiding obsolescence.” The Genesis vehicle would be created by a 3D printer delivered to the buyer. “The printer would print out a car all around itself to match the buyer’s specifications.”

Although some may question the plausibility of this idea, we should remember that the Urbee 2, a 3D printed hybrid vehicle, is nearing production. The concept of a car building itself may seem like something out of a futuristic Bruce Willis movie, but innovative 3D printing applications may indeed drive the future of manufacturing.

+ Royal College of Art

Via Cnet

Photos from Nir Siegel