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To provide a safe haven in a country notorious for its air pollution, Gensler designed the Glumac office with advanced air purification systems that provide healthy indoor air quality consistently measuring at a PM2.5 standard of less than 30 μg/m3, even when outside air quality reaches hazardous levels of above 300. A living green wall was also installed to help purify the air. Per LBC standards, all of the construction material was responsibly sourced and include locally manufactured, recycled, and salvaged materials.

Powered by solar energy, the office consumes less than 40,000 kWh per year and directs excess energy produced to the state grid. In addition to plus energy capabilities, the office is equipped with water-efficient fixtures that use collected and treated rainwater; around 500-cubic-meters of rainwater is harvested annually however, the fixtures only consume 200-cubic-meters of water a year. The project was completed with a zero carbon footprint.

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Built with flexibility in mind, the spacious and light-filled office features an open plan layout with movable partitions that employees can use to change the configuration of workspaces. The open space also accommodates tour groups interested in learning about the HQ’s sustainable design or Glumac’s services. The LBC certification process for the office is currently underway.

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