NVIDIA’s massive new headquarters is set to rival those of California tech giants Apple and Facebook. The 250,000 square foot triangular structures conceived by Gensler, are designed to facilitate the flow of people and information. The project will be built next door to the company’s current headquarters in Santa Clara, California and the first building is scheduled to break ground in June.

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The two-story, triangular volumes are capped with sculptural roofs composed of triangular facets which allow the introduction of vaulted ceilings and skylights. Gensler principal and design director Hao Ko described the choice of triangles as the basic geometry for the design as the triangle being the “fundamental primitive that defines the shapes of digital realm”, within which NVIDIA operates.

Each of the two buildings has a central zone-core-which include common areas such as the dining room and social spaces. The large open floors of the headquarters are supposed to facilitate cross-functional work and enable experts from multiple disciplines to collaborate. Oversized stairs are meant to create an impression of flow between levels, rather than acting as simple connecting structures.

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Via Treehugger and Archdaily