When he set out to create the Zephyr table table, Hungarian designer George Hlavacs wanted to create a long-lasting, beautiful and sustainable piece of furniture. The stripy piece of furniture is made of about 180 pieces of square section scrap aluminum tubes and its surface reflects its Greek name: a light wind that blows in the south of the Mediterranean Sea. The idea was to ”blow some life” into a few boring aluminum tubes by coating the old standard tubes with eco-friendly transparent powder coating, helping to bring the table to lifre.

Zephyr, George Hlavacs, Dutch Design Week, Hungarian design, recyclable aluminium tubes, Mediterranean Sea Wind, green furniture, Recycled Materials

We spotted Zephyr at this years bustling Dutch Design Week, and we liked the way it mixes recyclable materials, craftsmanship, geometry and poetic vibes. After carefully selecting the aluminum tubes, Hlavacs brushed them, coated them, and glued them together like a traditional wooden table. Sturdy, beautiful and fully recyclable, Zephyr will stand still for a long time.

+ George Hlavacs

Photo © George Hlavacs and Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat