Ever imagined that a building could hover about the ground – floating in mid air? Architect Joseph Cory thinks the above scenario might be possible in the future, using electro-magnetism. In his Electro-Magnetic Skyscrapers project, the structures support each others through their electromagnetic fields. “By using magnetic fields as a construction material there can be infinite vertical and horizontal expansions due to the final liberation from gravity.”

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Using magnetic fields as a construction material, the skyscrapers would also integrate built-in energy systems from photovoltaic cells on the sides of the cube to wind turbines, air shafts forcing wind into energy, water conservation tanks, and more.

Through an interdisciplinary collaboration with designers and researchers, the Israeli architectural studio Geotectura takes innovative sustainable ideas beyond the everyday, encouraging even the greenest of us to really think outside the current sustainable box. Researcher and Architect Joseph (Yossi) Cory set up Geotectura to “explore new horizons” in sustainability, and from what we can surmise, is doing well to deliver on this promise.

Cory is currently working towards his PhD in the IIT, Isreal, and has teamed up with other sustainable conscious architects, artists and scientists to push the limits of sustainability though a variety of award-winning design competition projects. “Geotectura means merging land and architecture together with ecological values, cost effective technologies, psychological consideration and social context,” he says.

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