Designed by Gergő Kassai, the Motion Lamp is a low-energy, lightweight OLED lamp that can be customized to suit your needs at any given moment. Thanks to its flexible light source, it can be twisted and turned in all directions to dynamically change the atmosphere in your workspace.

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flexible oled table lamp

Kassai’s contemporary industrial design seeks to reconcile two distinct market requirements: the demand for cost-effective products suitable for mass production and the customers’ need for variety. A growing number of interactive design products and technological improvements raise the bar for today’s designers, leaving little place for uniformity. With its original, curvaceous form and adjustable shape, the Motion Lamp seems to meet all these needs.

The lower, rigid part of the lamp is made from plastic, while the rest is covered with an OLED lighting surface embedded in free-form silicone material. Inside the body, flexible wires follow the shape of the object, allowing it to assume different positions. The lamp’s OLED lighting technology creates a visually comfortable lighting temperature that does not cast multiple shadows. The same technology allows for design versatility which, in the case of Motion Lamp, is embodied in a single-path gesture of minimalist quality.

+ Gergő Kassai

Via Behance