If you’ve been reading Inhabitat, you know we’ve been following the European Solar Decathlon as intensely as much of the world is following the World Cup right now. With just one day left until winners are announced, the Solar Decathlon design competition is really heating up, and the Bavarian Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences Team just took the lead for their IKAROS House, with their win of the Innovation prize on Friday evening. A German team has won every Solar Decathlon for the past 3 years (gotta love that German engineering), so we’re wondering if it is going to be another solar slam dunk for the Germans in this competition? Or will the Virginia Tech Lumenhaus team come back in the Solar Systems and Hot Water competitions on Sunday? We can’t wait to find out!

The winner of the 2010 European Solar Decathlon will be announce at 8pm Madrid time, Sunday June 26th. Inhabitat will be watching carefully, and announcing the winner as soon as we know tomorrow, so keep it tuned here for all the latest Solar Decathlon news!

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