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The “Opernbauhütte,” or Opera Lodge is made from old shipping containers and is a working space for the artists and residents of Eichbaumoper (Eichbaum Opera). It sits perched right next to the open air theater and offers a lovely view of performances. The sides of the lodge have been fitted with round porthole-style windows, letting daylight into the space. Below the lodge, a bar, also made from a container, serves theatergoers libations.

Performances at Eichbaumoper typically utilize the whole station – beginning from inside the actual subway and traveling to the platform and then to the forecourt. Performers even climb on top of the roof! And since every show is meant to be accessible for everyone to see, the station is always left open to the public, so that passersby can catch the event too. Although Eichbaumoper is envisioned as an opera house, it’s not limited to that purpose. Several weekends ago, the station was transformed into an arena and organized a boxchampionship and rap-battle!

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