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Cumulus, A Space for Calm, installation, textile, skin, translucent fabric, perforated material, germany, student work, treehouse, 3DEA, polyester, breathable skin

The structure is raised above the ground on metal legs and is enveloped in a stretchy perforated materialthat exposes visitors to rain. The structure is made out of a tubular steel framework that can be easily disassembled. The skin is made from breathable polyester material manufactured by German textile company 3DEA and the space is accessed via a rope ladder which brings visitors right into the center of the white circular platform.

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The fabric reveals shadows of the people inhabiting the space. At night, a series of unshaded bulb lights is installed on the metal hoop surrounding the ceiling. These emit a soft light that cast shadows, making the fabric react to the movement of the people inside. The structure was installed during the graduation show in July and will possibly tour different museums, galleries and festivals.

+ Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design

Via Dezeen

Photos by Thomas Lewandovski