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Each day people around the world throw away a staggering amount of food – by some accounts, almost half of all food produced winds up in the trash. The German website aims to fight this statistic by allowing people to trade or give away food that would otherwise go to waste. Not only does the site keep food out of the landfill; it also helps out those in need. Brilliant!

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All of the items on are free, and users can simply list the foods they have available and where they are located. So far the site has reached every corner of Germany, and users can look at a map to find out what kind of food is available in their own neighborhood. Right now the food available ranges from frozen duck breast to cappuccinos, jam and red cabbage.

If you are looking for a specific food, the site also provides a search function for narrowing down that one special ingredient, and users can give or take as much as they want. The site has etiquette suggestions and bans a few specific foods – the key takeaway is that you should never try to give away anything you wouldn’t eat yourself. The website has set a goal of eliminating all food waste, and judging from the dozen pages of food trades available and the nearly 10,000 pounds of food traded so far, we’d say they are on their way.


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