When it comes to the production of renewable energy, Germany is well ahead of the game – villages regularly break records by producing more energy than they need, and the country has met up to 74% of its energy demand with renewable sources. Now Germany has shattered another record: In the first half of 2014, 31% of the entire country was powered by renewables!

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A new report from the Fraunhofer Institute states that Germany produced a whopping 81 TWh of renewable electricity in the first half of 2014. The report shows that nuclear energy production declined while solar increased by 28% and wind increased by 19%. The solar (37.5 GW) and wind (34.6 GW) sectors also led the nation in terms of new capacity installed, with 37.5GW and 34.6GW respectively. As expected, production from conventional power plants declined – gas powered plants produced half the energy they did in 2010.

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“The reoccurring records for renewables in Germany demonstrate the incredible success of Germany’s EEG legislation,” says Max Hildebrandt, renewable energy industry expert at Germany Trade & Invest, the country’s foreign trade and inward investment promotion agency. Although this is an amazing step forward for any country, Germany still gets most of its energy from coal. For the first half of 2014, brown coal produced 69.7 TWh, hard coal produced 50.9TWh, and nuclear energy produced 45.0 TWh. But with efforts being made to reduce these figures, here’s hoping the rest of Europe – and the whole world – will begin to emulate Germany’s energy production as soon as possible.

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