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Meat-loving Germans will be eating vegetarian cuisine for one day a week if the Greens parliamentary group has their say. Chairwoman Renate Kunast announced that the party will push for a mandatory Veggie Day in the nation’s employee cafeterias on a certain day each week. Germans eat around 133 pounds of meat per person each year, so attempts to mandate weekly vegetarianism are likely to be met with mixed reviews.

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The Greens will be adding the Veggie Day to their platform for the upcoming September elections. The party believes that cutting out meat and replacing it with suitable veggie and protein-rich alternatives will not only benefit health, but also cut back on the country’s carbon footprint by reducing its dependence on the meatpacking and meat raising industry. Most Germans include meat and sausages in their daily meals, with only 12% admitting to Die Welt that they try to reduce their meat intake.

Most companies in Germany provide their employees with a free lunch in the company cafeteria, including daily vegetarian options. Employees don’t have to partake in the free meals, but many do not only as an added perk, but to add a social aspect to their days. The Greens plan will highlight the veggie option, and hopefully add even more hearty options to the mix.

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