OK, early adopters: You want to spring for the latest phone or tablet, but your old one is still in great condition. What to do? Instead of holding onto those old electronics, or trying to pawn them off on friends or family, you can sell them back to an electronics wholesaler for cold, hard cash. With Instant Sale, eBay’s electronics buy-back site, you can unload your unwanted gadgets for fast money, and your old electronics will be resold or recycled. Even really old gadgets that can’t be resold (because they are so old) can be recycled at Ebay’s Instant Sale site, so you know they’re going to a good place (at least a better place than that cardboard box in your closet).

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Back in 2010, eBay launched Instant Sale to handle growing demand for used electronics, offering cash via PayPal for used gadgets. The site is separate from the murkier auction side of eBay, where you generally have to take a chance and hope that someone bids a fair price for your goods. Instant Sale also pays for shipping. And if you have any problems with the transaction, Instant Sale offers customer service, which is probably much nicer than trying to track down a user on the auction side of eBay.

MSN Money recently ran the numbers on some popular electronics, comparing Instant Sale’s cash offers to other buyback or trade-in offers, and found that in most categories eBay outperformed Best Buy, BuyMyTronics.com, and others.

If you live in the NYC area and have old, unwanted electronics that are cluttering your apartment and collecting dust, eBay and gdgt are hosting an Instant Sale party at The Ainsworth on Monday, March 26th (RSVP is required). There, you can trade in your old gadgets, and everyone who shows up with walk away with a gift card worth anywhere from $5 to $100. And even if you can’t make the party, eBay will be at the Ainsworth all week, taking Instant Sale trade-ins.

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Photos by Flickr users p_a_h and Yutaka Tsutano