Who doesn’t love Mason jars? Not only are they great for canning tomatoes and other preserves at home, they’re also ideal for storing everything from bulk food to craft supplies. The problem with the average Mason jar is the 2-part lid that has to be fussed with—anyone who’s dealt with leaking jars can relate to this all too well. Enter the reCap Flip Cap; the latest member of the reCap family, which solves this problem rather perfectly: it fits onto any sized wide-mouth Mason jar for easy opening and closing, and even has a perforated screen for contents that can be shaken out, like grated cheese, flour, cinnamon sugar, or dried herbs.


These caps are pretty much perfect as far as reusability goes: Mason jars have hundreds of uses, and if cared for, can last a lifetime (or beyond). The standard two-piece canning lids have to be discarded once they start to rust, but these BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic lids are washable and can last as long as your jars do. Whether you’re using jars to store your quinoa, to blend up and carry around your favorite smoothie, or to fill and give as gifts, these lids can be your new best friends.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign on for the reCap Flip Cap, and right now they’re just shy of reaching their $20,000 goal by November first. If you support it, you can receive anything from a craft and recipe eBook to a pack of flip caps and pour caps, depending on how much you contribute.

+ reCap Flip Cap Kickstarter Campaign