An artist in Victoria, British Columbia has designed his own functioning toilet tricycle- and now it can be yours! The Camosun College of Visual Arts alum originally crafted the potty trike for the Recyclistas group on campus. Thepeddle pusher has since decided to free the bike to its next owner by selling it on Craigslist, where he claims he has received a lot of attention from the ladies!

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We’ve heard of a toilet motorcycle before, but now you can get your hands on a fixed gear version. The sturdy tricycle is made up of an old school porcelain commode with the tank and toilet seat still intact. The toilet is securely bolted to a thick adult tricycle frame, making it safe but clunky. The former owner suggests using the tank as storage for carrying groceries or parcels, and the toilet seat for carrying larger items.

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As if this weren’t enough, the toilet trike can also be used for its original purpose. Yep, the bottom of the toilet is a removable steel sheet, so if you’re riding long distance on this thing and nature calls, you can sit comfortably while you relieve yourself. The ad suggests simply taking the bike out back and hosing it down after each use – easy as pie.

The upcycled toilet bike will only set you back $110, if it isn’t already snatched up on Craigslist!

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