Ghana just made a major investment in solar energy with plans to build over 600 megawatts worth of photovoltaic power parks. Better still, the companies working with Ghana – the Sustainable Equities Group, International Solar Utilities and PN Solar – intend to open a solar panel factory with an annual production of about 300 additional megawatts that will be available to neighboring countries.

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According to Sustainable Equities Group, PN Solar Ghana will manufacture new glass-on-glass solar panels, which should be ready to go in a year. The plant will hire 300 local workers for construction and once the facility is up and running, it will provide jobs for 350 year-round local employees. PN Solar also plans to donate part of its profits to positive initiatives within the community.

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Constructing the solar parks themselves will also provide employment. The 600 megawatts of power will be divided into six 100-megawatt solar parks, with each costing about $125 million dollars and each park will require about 200 to build and about 200 workers to maintain all of the parks each year. Once completed, the project will add about 28 percent to Ghana’s current electrical generating capacity.

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