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Based in the Dominican Republic, Colectivo Revark brings together designers and architects for experimental architecture projects that seek to spark social change. The Ghetto2Garden (Del Barrio al Jardin) project appeals to these designers’ compassion and architectural sensibilities, challenging them to create a nurturing structure from recycled materials on small budget.

The project’s goal is to help 50 animals that have suffered abuse and negligence from their human owners. Finding the current animal rehabilitation center to be inappropriate (it’s located in an area of high crime, unsuitable for animals’ needs, high costs for renting the space), the group designed the self-sustainable shelter.

Empty plastic cube tanks are upcycled into cozy rooms for each of the animals, which are arranged on multi-level floors, accessible by ramps. The frame structure is made from disused shipping pallets and plywood. Colectivo Revark also plans to keep the shelter as green as possible, installing a rain harvesting system, a small wind turbine on the roof, a solar generator, and a biodigester for organic waste recycling.

The owner and caretaker will even have their own shipping container homes on the site, with green roofs, a composting toilet and organic garden. The center will not only help mistreated animals, but it will also provide a blueprint for sustainable architecture in the Dominican Republic.

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