Paris is famed for its art – after all, it’s home to the Louvre and works such as the Mona Lisa. But you know what the city has always lacked? A four-meter-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. That is, until now. A life-sized chrome dinosaur sculpture was recently installed on the banks of the Seine River in Paris by French artist Philippe Pasqua.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Philippe Pasqua, Anthony Gelot, Seine River, sculpture, Paris, Eiffel Tower

The sculpture is made of 350 molded bones and is nearly 23 feet long. It was unveiled in order to promote contemporary art along the river. A replica of dinosaur remains discovered in China, Pasqua’s reconstruction is perfected right down to its long tail and teeth, making this sculpture a showcase of his artistic ingenuity as well as his fondness for surprise.

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Images: Anthony Gelot