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“For this year’s city of dreams pavilion, we wanted to create a space where dreamers could dream – putting your head (and body) inside of a huge cloud felt right,” STUDIOKCA’s Jason Klimoski told Inhabitat. “You can lose yourself in the light as it shifts through the blue and white re-purposed bottles that we used to construct the exterior and interior of the cloud-shaped pavilion.”

300 volunteers from the Emerging NY Architects Committee, the Structural Engineers Association of NY, and the FIGMENT arts organization joined hands with STUDIOKCA’s Jason Klimoski and Lesley Chang to construct the recycled pavilion, which was the winner of this year’s “City of Dreams” design competition. STUDIOKCA sourced the thousands of bottles that make up the installation from all over the city from both individuals and businesses. While Head in the Clouds was designed to be a light-hearted, fun experience for visitors to the island, it also calls attention to the nearly 48 million plastic bottles thrown away every day in the US. In fact, STUDIOKCA took great care to size the pavilion to represent the number of plastic bottles thrown away in New York City in just one hour – about 53,000 bottles. Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?

Head in the Clouds was built upon a 40 ft long x 18 ft wide x 15 ft high frame of curved aluminum tubes fitted together with clamps that was then covered with “pillows” made of 1 gallon water jugs woven with netting. The inner ceiling of the pavilion was lined with smaller plastic water bottles filled with blue water dyed with organic food coloring to glint and glitter in the sun. At first, we weren’t quite sure if STUDIOKCA would be able to achieve the effect they wanted to with this method (the idea was to create a dream-like atmosphere inside the cloud), but we’re believers now after viewing the final execution for ourselves.

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Photos ©Yuka Yoneda