Hoping to make some big noise for a little car, Mini Cooper tapped artist Bartek Elsner to design and construct a giant boombox made of cardboard. Debuting at the International Radio Festival in Zürich, the massive structure acted as a shell for the car, which could be seen through a open space in the back of the blaster. Made primarily to showcase the car’s sound system, the vehicle’s speakers pumped noise to passing crowds through its elaborate retro costume.

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When you are small, sometimes it takes a big effort to garner some attention. For the 2012 International Radio Festival in Zürich, Switzerland car company Mini Cooper needed something visually grabbing to go along with its vehicle’s powerful speakers.

Enter Bartek Elsner, who designed his version of a 10-foot classic boombox as a composite of his favorite models. Taking only two weeks to build in Berlin, the entire piece was dismantled, shipped, and reassembled in public spaces around Zürich. Passersby were treated to a little urban style outside of squares, opera houses, and castles.

More of Elsner’s “Paper Stuff” can be found via his website.

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