This month, an invasion of snails will over take the streets of Sydney, but don’t panic—these snails are not your common backyard pests. Giant, neon, and irresistibly fun, these colorful snails will be introduced as part of the city’s annual Art & About month held from September 20 to October 20, 2013. Entitled ‘Snailovation,’ this installation was created by the international artistic collective Cracking Art Group as a reminder of the importance of environmental awareness.

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Art & About Sydney is an annual collaborative arts festival that turns the city into a “canvas for creation and storytelling.” This year’s program will feature over 50 events, from interactive workshops to exhibitions.

“Snailovation,’ one of the main highlights of the festival, will consist of 24 mammoth-sized mollusks made entirely from recyclable materials to inspire and remind people of the importance of sustainability and environmental issues. The colorful snails will slither their way into eight of the city’s most iconic public spaces. Each snail measures three meters long and weighs more than 100 kilograms.

The award-winning Cracking Art Group is famous for their giant, recyclable animal installations across the world; these giant funky snails first made their debut at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010. After the festival, the snails will be broken down and recycled.

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Images via Art & About Sydney Facebook