Hungarian artist Ervin Loránth Hervé’s new sculpture for Art Market Budapest literally rips out of the lawn at Széchenyi Square. The gigantic man, called “Popped Up,” seems to burst out from under the cover of the square’s lawn, shouting at passersby. The temporary sculpture combines art with nature, surprising visitors while welcoming them to the Eastern capital.

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Locals and tourists alike gravitated toward the innovative sculpture during the contemporary art fair, which was presented in an unusual way compared to other examples of public sculpture in Budapest. Hervé’s oversized angry man peers out from underneath a carpet of lush green grass, as if hiding out in an underground chamber far below the park’s lawn. Rising 20 feet in the air, the lawn seems to stretch over the giant’s back, creating a new grassy hill. Emphasizing the fusion of art and nature, Hervé added layers of living sod to the sculpture’s back, which continued to thrive during the exhibition for the Art Market Budapest art fair.

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The sculpture may look like it is carved from stone, but it is actually sculpted from polystyrene (which isn’t our favorite material.) Hervé treated the sculpture’s surface to appear as if aged, emulating the historic architecture that dots the Budapest cityscape, blending in as if made from stone itself. Hervé’s gargantuan sculpture shows visitors that public art can be part of the city fabric, fusing architecture, nature and art for an all encompassing experience.

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