Rio de Janeiro’s famous Botafago beach has a new sculpture attraction in the form of a giant head. The white carving stands 12m (39-foot) tall, and portrays a 14-year old girl’s head with her eyes closed. It is made of marble dust and resin by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, as part of the ‘Other Ideas for Rio’ exhibition.

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Image: mjb_leo

Plensa has said that the sculpture is titled “Olhar nos meus sonhos (To see my dreams)” and its aim is to “make people dream”. It took four months to carve the sculpture and it will be on display on Botafogo beach for a period of two months as a part of the ‘Other Ideas for Rio’ art exhibition.

The public art exhibition aims to showcase works from international artists all around the city, with many installations being placed near some of the city’s most important and famous landmarks. With such eye-catching pieces, the goal is to bring people’s attention to art — particularly as they would not have the time to see them because of their rushed city life.

Jaume Plensa’s work has been appreciated all over the world. For those of you who live in New York, you may have seen his work “Echo”, which depicts a nine-year girl’s head, in Madison Square Park . Other pieces of his work include “Dream”, which is in St Helens in England and a sculpted and illuminated glass dome for the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London. You can see the ‘Other Ideas for Rio’ exhibition from now through November 6.

+ Jaume Plensa’s Website

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